epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a resilient and customizable flooring solution that has become increasingly favored for its durability and aesthetic versatility. Comprised of epoxy resin and a hardening agent, this flooring system is applied directly onto concrete surfaces, creating a seamless, durable, and glossy finish. One of its primary attractions is its remarkable resistance to chemicals, stains, and impact, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas in industrial, commercial, and even residential spaces. Its adaptability allows for various designs, colors, and finishes, offering not just a durable surface but also an opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of any space. The easy maintenance and long-lasting properties of epoxy flooring make it a practical and popular choice for areas where both durability and aesthetic appeal are desired.

Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh

Chemical Resistance





Acetic acid 5%

pu flooring


Caustic soda


Citric acid 20%


Hydrochloric acid 15%

Lactic acid 10%




Sugar syrups

Sylphuric acid 25%

Cure Schedule 35 degree celsius

Light Traffic 12 hours > Full Trafic 24 hours > Full Chemical cure 5 days

Substrate Requirements:

Concrete or screed substrate should be a minimum of 25 Atim-m2, free from dust, loose particles and contaminants such as oils, fats, greases. Paint residues, chemicals, algae and laitance. Substrate moisture levels should be no greater than 75% RH as per BS8204.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean regularly using a wet power scrubbing with using neutral to slightly alkaline detergent.


A solvent free self-smoothing epoxy resin coating system applied at thicknesses of 2 mm. Cures to give a though impermeable layer with an easy to clean smooth finish.


* Solvent free
* Seamless
* Non-dusting
* Easy to clean
* Slip resistant
* Impermeable
* Chemical resistant
* Fast track installation

Advantage epoxy flooring

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Epoxy Flooring in BangladeshEpoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh involves the application of a liquid coating that transforms ordinary concrete surfaces into both aesthetically pleasing and resilient ones. Utilizing a combination of gamboge and hardeners, the epoxy system results in a robust, plastic-like coating securely bonded to your floor.

This process not only enhances the visual appeal but also fortifies the concrete, making it resilient against various stresses. Topkrete Bangladesh stands out as the premier service provider for Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh, excelling as both the best applicator and contractor, all offered at reasonable prices.

In addition to Epoxy Flooring, we also specialize in other flooring solutions such as PU Flooring, Floor Hardener, Vinyl Flooring, Polished Concrete, and Waterproofing in Bangladesh.

The demand for Epoxy Flooring services in Bangladesh has risen to an international level, adding significant value to real-life applications. For those seeking such services, it is crucial to recognize that Epoxy has unparalleled strength, making it ideal for areas requiring easy maintenance, resistance to point loading traffic from heavy equipment like pallets, trolleys, and forklifts, as well as protection against water exposure. Choose Epoxy Flooring for a durable and visually appealing solution that meets the highest standards.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy flooring comprises two primary components: resins and hardeners. When these components are mixed, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in the formation of a sturdy epoxy material. This material effectively bonds with the substrate, creating a resilient and durable coating. Once fully cured, the epoxy coating offers robust protection to concrete against both mechanical and chemical stresses. Importantly, the treated concrete becomes non-porous, facilitating easy cleaning.

Why select Epoxy Flooring?

Numerous factors influence individuals’ choice of epoxy flooring in Bangladesh, contingent on their specific needs and the environment. Once cured, epoxy floors offer a sealed, uninterrupted, and hygienic surface, presenting a range of benefits.

Applications for Epoxy FlooringEpoxy Flooring in Bangladesh

Epoxy flooring finds applications in both commercial and residential settings in Bangladesh, with certain considerations depending on the specific context. The suitability of epoxy flooring varies, and it may be necessary to opt for a higher-grade flooring in some industrial environments where epoxy may not be suitable for all residential uses.

For Commercial Uses:
Epoxy flooring in Bangladesh has gained popularity across various commercial applications due to its versatility. It can be applied to surfaces such as concrete, cement screed, and cement render, offering desirable qualities. Cost-effectiveness is another advantage, providing long-term protection for existing concrete and extending the lifespan of new concrete. In commercial settings, epoxy flooring is often preferred for floor coating due to its qualities and quick installation process. Its rapid application and short curing time are crucial for modern business enterprises, and the option to include an anti-slip additive enhances worker safety.

Epoxy Flooring for Warehouses & Industrial Units:
Warehouses face potential issues with unfinished concrete, particularly concerning dust accumulation. Epoxy flooring is well-suited for industrial units, warehouses, and factories, especially in high-traffic areas and fast-paced environments. Its mechanical and chemical resistance safeguards the concrete, making it ideal for industrial use. Epoxy flooring is also effective for demarcating specific zones within a busy industrial space, promoting good health and safety practices.

Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh for Basements:
In basements, the choice of epoxy flooring depends on the intended use. It serves as a durable option for storage areas, acting as a liquid damp-proof membrane that protects items stored on the basement floor from the effects of moist concrete. However, it is crucial not to use epoxy flooring in areas with active water ingress or where a waterproofing system is required. Generally, epoxy flooring should be applied as a finishing touch to a dry and well-ventilated basement.

Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring (ESD Resistant Flooring)

The presence of electro-static charge (ESD) poses a significant risk in various work environments. To mitigate static hazards, anti-static epoxy flooring proves to be effective. This type of ESD epoxy flooring typically incorporates a semiconducting material that gathers electricity and safely channels it to the ground, preventing potential discharges. It is highly recommended for environments where the flooring contains flammable materials.


1. Exceptional scratch and impact resistance

2. Chemical and heat resistance

3. Durable, tough, and impervious

4. Ensures complete satisfaction

5. High gloss with an appealing finish

6. High-temperature resistant

7. High abrasion resistance

8. Impact and pressure resistant

9. Variable thicknesses for versatile application

10. Attractive, bright color options

11. Slip-resistant and easy to clean

12. Weather-resistant

Areas of Application:

1. Hospitals and Pharmaceuticals

2. Beverages and Food Processing

3. Showrooms

4. Manufacturing Facilities

5. Hotels, Kitchens, and Cafeterias

6. Aircraft Hangars

7. Athletic Flooring

8. Garments, Textile, and Spinning

9. Knitting and Dyeing

10. Warehouses and Stores

11. Salt and Acid Areas

12. Any Kinds of Industries